The Garden Retreat


The Garden Retreat…



There are times in our lives when we need a place that is


free from judgement

and so filled with the energy and beauty

of nature

that we can not help but to remember

who we truly are.

The Garden can be such a place


The Garden Retreat…A Spirtual Space


The Garden is a Spiritual Retreat that welcomes all paths. 

The Garden offers workshops and retreats that renew and replenish the soul.




The Garden Retreat… A Natural Space

Nestled amoung thousand of acres of National Forest in the North Carolina Mountains The Garden Retreat is blessed with streams and ponds. The Garden is a secluded retreat for spiritual growth, healing and outdoor adventures.


The Garden Retreat… Sanctuary

The Garden Retreat is a place where hearts are open, warm and joyful. It is a space  where the veil of seperation is thin and the love for all our relations can grow and shine.

We are grateful.