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Rainbow Eagle is an Okla-Choctaw American Indian. He is a Wisdom Keeper, honored with the responsibility of an Ancient Native American Peace Shield. Now that the Seventh Fire of the Anishinabe/Ojibwa traditions has been lit, he is responsible for teaching the traditions of the peace shield.

Anthropologist Dr. Felicitas D. Goodman, researched and explored ritual body postures as a means to achieve a bodily induced shifting of consciousness – a “trance” experience. She discovered each body posture can lead into this alternate reality, an expanded field of consciousness, when performed in conjunction with the proper rhythmic sound, such as a rattle or drum. The outcome of this is a systematic process we call “The Cuyamungue Method” You can have this direct experience.

Making Tracks ... Walking in the Footsteps of the Shaman

Dana and Shana Robinson

The Foundation for Shamaic Studies

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Inner Sea Yoga Center in Johnson City, TN

Lydie Ometto and  Inner Sea Yoga Family

Life Expressions Chiropractic Center Johnson City, TN

Dr. Lou Corleto


Located in the Historic North Roan neighborhood in Johnson City, Shakti in the Mountains is dedicated to enriching women’s lives.

Seasonal offerings include classes, groups & workshops that connect women with their community and themselves. Year-round individual services are offered to ensure continuity of care

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Ariane Trifunovic-Montemuro

Animal Portraits and Totem Animal Art

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A non-profit organization that goes out into the world and uses Chiropratic healing to help facilitate

DART is a non-profit animal welfare organization. Comprised of a group of committed, proactive volunteers, we are dedicated to the mission of reducing the excessive overpopulation of dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.

Give us a call at 828 688-3344 or use our contact form.